It is not only unfortunate but also nauseating that Adamawa State lawmakers could stoop so low to be contracted by Godwin Akpabio of Akwa Ibom to embark on such dirty adventure.

Imagine how we have degenerated into political stooges of people our leaders laid their lives to liberate them just because of ghana must go. Where is our pride and grace as people with cherished heritage?

I cannot stand for corruption charges against Nyako but who are his accusers, people who swing in stinking corrupt practices will embark on anti corruption crusade?
Where is the $20 billion NNPC missing funds or the #10 billion Minister of petroleum Jet charter funds or better still the over #500 billion unaccounted SURE-P funds?

It’s unbelievable that for the first time in our history as a nation, last June FAAC meeting could not distribute statutory allocations due to non remittance of oil revenues generated by NNPC. The former CBN Governor, Sunusi Lamido Sanusi, Allah ya ja zamanin Sarki, His Royal Highness, Emir of Kano, had predicted this situation some months back, which was disputed by the Minister of Finance.

If the case against Nyako is corruption why was the account of Adamawa state government frozen by EFCC? Is EFCC accusing Adamawa people and its government or Nyako as an individual? If the Presidency is sincere with corruption war why has it not done same with Plateau State where the State legislators are also dagger drawn with the Governor over #50 billion corruption allegations? This is abaracada abraca, the more you see the less you understand. How can a corrupt man riding a horse of injustice go in search of justice?

To me the Presidency is rattled by Nyako’s letter which exposed actors dramatis in the boko haram saga.

We now know better that boko haram is the struggle for power as revealed by confession of October 1, 2010, Abuja bombing kingpin, Charles Okar of Niger delta extraction.

There is no doubt Nyako has distinguished himself as a hero of sort among his complecent governor colleagues. As an Admiral, he fear no battle even death, this great son of the North will confront it with the spirit of conquer. Baba Mai mangoro has remained unruffled, navigating the political storm with his Haradu warship. Of course, the soldier farmer has worn so many battles against mortals and even weeds, therefore cannot be rattled by conspiracy of desperate 2015 political vampires.

No wonder in the heat of these gang up the naval war tactician departed for umura to thank God for fulfilled life. This move cannot be idle but pregnant. As typical fulani, Nyako has sound knowledge of his environment even though he may look naive, he is unrepentant of his conviction about his actions. Wherever history chooses to place him, Nyako will be celebrated by Northerners as not only a great leader but as a man who sacrificed his comfort to blow the whistle against social injustice.

As the members of the Adamawa House of Assemble continues with the impeachment contract they should collect enough money including houses in Abuja or Europe otherwise there will be no place to bury their heads in shame.

They should know that even Nyako who is now been hunted was bride of the Presidency in 2011. If the Presidency can dumped him and Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa, then they are merely pawns that will be abandoned in prison after been used.

One admirable qualities of this presidency is the Machiavellian principles of use and dumped.

And for political liliputians like the state legislators, they might not be qualified to be dumped in the dustbin.

Therefore, if a slave goes to a requiem of a fellow slave and sees that the grave was dug shallow, he should know that his will be the same.

It is instructive the legislators consult with Barrister Ahmed Ali Gulak, former political adviser to Mr President who was an attack dog that was ready to devour anybody his master’s body language betrayed.

Today, he live in a world of imagine lamentations. It is said that those who live by the word die by the sword.

IMG_8036.JPGBabangida Ruma 2014

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