Nigerian Youth Energetic and Vivacious

More than 60 million Nigerians are categorised as energetic and vivacious young men and women, whom Nigerian future lies upon.

Such a God-given resource shall be exploited accordingly to supplement the present development and guarantee the prosperity of the future.

As the world transit to a new direction through innovative opportunities and challenges, it became indispensable to evolve a new system and approach in order to adapt to the said transformation and effectively ripe the opportunities and tackle the challenges.

Such cannot be achieved devoid of the use of the young generation who have the necessary expertise and wherewithal to drive the modern transformation, therefore it is imperative to trust and invest in the youths and inculcate in them an unyielding confidence needed for that revolution. Alas, Nigeria is not utilizing this wonderful and abundant set of citizens which may end up jeopardizing and compromising the modern development.

Efforts has to be made to preparing the young people and involve them into major decision makings so that new and modern innovations and thinking couple with their vigour could culminate to the beginning of contemporary world civilization in our country.

Similarly, pre-requisite and qualitative skills and educational experiences need to be made at the disposal for the youths; means of earning a living has to be simplified to them to convert crime, vandalism and drug abuse which could help save more money spent on security and the youths themselves has to live to their responsibility.

Youths has a significant role to play in bringing change in their society.

Historically, youths has been a vanguard and instrumental for all revolutions, the Nigerian revolution cannot be exceptional, therefore, youths has to be ever ready cognitively, physically and not become reluctant in demanding for their participation and enforcing level playing grown for their betterment and involvement in governance.

All of this cannot be achieved without the youths being positive and clinching a more responsible and committed attributes, patriotism, and respect among themselves and for elders.

Finally, i am calling on the government to consider utilizing more of these less greedy young people into the process of governance and create an enabling atmosphere for their betterment by providing qualitative, accessible and affordable educational system and creating job opportunities to cater for poverty and civic crime, so that we can save more to make our roads and health system better, thereby keeping our currency within our country to boost our economy and save thousands of lives.

Mal. Babangida Ruma

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