AYAIFoundation Under My Leadership

With existence of life there is still hope time goes on many challenges come. The challenges that face the Arewa Youth today are unprecedented and effort to tackles these challenges are non – existent or at best ineffective.

This organization under My Leadership is to give young adult increased responsibilities in their own lives and future, however, this should not be expected on a platter of gold, it must be fought for in a civilized and responsible manners to prove that the youth of Arewa and indeed Nigeria are capable of making meaningful contributions to the socio – economic progress and development of the region and the country.

Thus AYAIF will strive to empower the youth through enlightenment to see a society whose youth (and inevitably the current and future leaders) acquire skills, knowledge and mental capability to be productive, proactive and well prepared leaders and citizens in Nigeria and the world ar large.

In this area, our core areas of Focus will be development activities and programs in :

1. Youth employment and entrepreneurship
2. Youth leadership and capacity development
3. Youth policy and advocacy
4. Youth participation and active citizenship in governance.

Come Let do it together !!!

Mal. Babangida Ruma
✉ Arewafoundation@gmail.com

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