To be honest, since the abduction of the girls, I have avoided sitting down to analyze it on a personal level or try to imagine what the families of those girls are going through, partly because I know it will be gut-wrenching.

IMG_5824.JPGI don’t have a daughter but I have 7 sisters, I have cousins, nieces and I have aunties whom I all love. To imagine one of them being abducted for over a month, not sure if she is alive or well, if she is being raped or tortured, if she sleeps, if she eats, if she still has hope…

The more I think, the more my heart sinks.

To top it off, abducted by Boko Haram, the greatest terror our country has faced in my lifetime, I dare not imagine anymore.

It is so easy to hashtag bringbackourgirls but we all need to take a moment and actually feel for these girls and their families, then perhaps we can discover how much more we can do. This is even more so for our leaders.

Our leaders-it feels like a compliment when I call them stupid!

It’s one thing that you can’t find the girls but it is another thing to make foolish statements and be so non-challant about it until international attention comes in. Please are you leaders in Nigeria or on Twitter or in America or..

Mr President said a lot of things, the latest one that comes to mind is that going to Chibok will not bring back the girls and then goes on to say he visited other places where bomb blasts occurred, did it bring back the victims?
What a capital blunder!
You are not able to visit Chibok with all the police, army, SSS, snipers, bomb detectors..but yet the Nigerians you lead still live there and the security forces want us to believe they have since put in adequate measures to secure the village.

Madam First Lady, I would go into your case but frankly I don’t want this post to turn comedic and to be honest, you are not really holding any public office and it is not within our powers to vote you out.

Madam Finance Minister who said she doesn’t know why this Boko Haram terror is happening in Nigeria and went further to add it seems to happen when elections are coming up.

Whether or not she has been following the Boko Haram issue since it started is a wonder. Is she so myopic to think it only started with the Chibok girls or just in 2014?

And the world over knows with a population so young, with neither education nor income and no future to plan for then you are just planning for war.

Since this abduction, I haven’t seen one public office holder who hasn’t made a blunder of the situation.

We keep hoping and we keep praying for an end in sight. For Nigeria to be safe again.

Even more, I hope Nigerians will learn to vote not for religion or tribe but for integrity and principles, because when they fail, we are all in it together.

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