Our religion clerics have totally deviated from the ways of preaching peace,unity and togetherness they have turn their selves to machinery use in setting the country on fire by wrong preaching,teaching an misguided actions here and there just to gain more relevancy and self enrichment not minding what their followers will at the end turn into neither negative or positive.

In our worshipping places today,we dont longer hear how to get more closer to God,how to be strong in faith,how to fear God and distance ourselves from what he has forbidden us not to do nor say,we dont longer hear how to love ourselves or love our neighbours as we love ourselves neither do we hear message about the last day not to talk of life after death (i.e in grave) all we hear is miracles,how to make force money,how to hate one another,how to cheat or kill your neighbour b/c God bestowed much more blessing on him than you.

sometimes,I began to ask myself weather this so called Imams and pastors who portrayed themselves as chosen men of God really have conscience or not.not to talk of fear of God nor do they know who jesus and muhammad (peace of God be on them) are, or are they devil or demons in human forms to deceptive servants of God ?

Men of God who suppose to lead and guide to the ways of righteous deeds and salvation are just busy following politicians,business men and women,core workers with their fake prophecy and bad news.

If our religion clerics will wake up to their taxe and back off from politics to face their ministries honestly speaking this country will not be in this present mess.
But,it seems to me that most of them are either directly or indirectly beneficiary of the happunings in this country if not so,where are they to denounced all the evil and devilish atrocities committed at their door steps ?

All they are after is private jets,building of fuel station,building of schools to promote hatred,bigory and sentiment within one religion to another,between husband and wife,brothers and sisters etc.should I tell us today that,most of this men of God we kneel before them are not better than us in anyway all they can tell us is how many properties worth millions of naira they have but not how many lives they have lead to God for salvation none at all.

We must becarefull as we see this types of men of God,you need not to be told before you know them,in any church or mosque where justice, peace,unity,love,Qur’an,traditions of prophet muhammad (s.a.w) and the Gospel of our master jesus (A.S) are not preach,is not a place of worship but house of devil occupied by demons in human to deviate people to their secret cult.

Some of our religion clerics discovered that,people dont longer follow them to bush for consultations again they change style by building mosque and churches to invite them and give them fake prophecy an earn millions of naira within 24hrs that is why every body has turn to chosen men of God even the once that are ignorant of our masters muhammad (s.a.w) and jesus (a.s) b/c,that is one of the fastest means of getting force money.

However,b/c they have politicians who are willing and able to pay whatever requested as far as their selfish prayers will be answered by their gods and especially women who are barren,who desperately need husband,who need sugger daddy or boys who want every beautiful lady on their bed,and women who need charm to control their men/boyfriends or family etc.

May God almighty forgive us and continue to guide us to the right path always.

May God almighty increase in our hearts, the love of our masters muhammad and jesus may the peace and blessing of God continue to rain on them and those who sincerely and truly follow their footsteps up to the day of judgment.

God bless Nigeria,bless Africa and the world at large.

Babangida Ruma

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