IMG_8782.PNGArewa Youth Awareness Initiative Forum (AYAIF) Was created on Friday October 2010 as a result of discussion on how to make Northan youth for a better future progress and development in our country Nigeria, the founding Fathers of the are Mal. Babangida Ruma, Sada Sirika, Nuradeen Hamza.

The Forum was formally decided to select some state from Northan region to start his Programs to see how we can make effort in bringing change to Arewa Community the Selected State are as follow : KATSINA, KADUNA, KANO, BAUCHI, ZAMFARA, GOMBE, SOKOTO.

In Sunday 30-September 2012 AYAIF FOUNDATION™ Make it first Conference Meeting at KATSINA MOTEL with National President, Administrator, P.r.o, National Sectary and Katsina state coordinator.

Arewa Youth Awareness Initiative Forum (AYAIF) is now on the batch on officially getting register as a full civil society Association.

Alhamdullah, Arewa Youth Awareness Initiative Forum (AYAIF) has More than (50,00 :00) members nation wide and thousand members on its Facebook pages. It also have a coordinators in some African Country’s and Foreign Members.

Lastly, we pray to Allah (S.W.A) to continue uplifting the forum to achieve its Seven (7) Aims and objectives.

Thank you all.
Mal. Babangida Ruma

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  1. It’s good job….am really happy sir@Babangida Ruma 2 select one of the most talented,dedicated,humble,and reputable, Fatima Askira as a National women leader of “AREWA YOUTH AWARENESS INITIATIVE FOUNDATION” we the entire youth of Borno state, recommended her effort and commitment over her diligent contributions in mobilizing youth initiative’s we are verry proud of her. I personally on behalf of our youth of Borno state.wish to thank u,for the post give to our respected sister, Fatima also appeal on behalf of our youth May Allah guide and protect you.LONG LIFE “AYAIF”Long life federal republic of Nigeria.


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