Our parents sent us to school to learn how to read,write and acquire character moulding so that tomorrow we should make them proud and happy that their efforts on us did not go in vain.

But,unfortunately some of us are not in school for good reasons,in reaching school the good once among us turned to bad eggs,by smoking,drinking,sagging,terrorizing in campus and outside the campus,following any beautiful girl our money can afford or rich guys on campus weather UGLY LIKE ME or not and all forms of atrocities.we are so wicked to the extent of joining culties to deal squarely with any lecturer who refused us our needs,to use it an get anything devilish we desire especially during our school politics by using it to threatening ourselves.

As for our young beautiful ladies on campus who their beauty is deceiving them to the extent they can’t cover their private parts anymore and are ready to lie down for any man that can afford their selfish needs b/c they are so foolish an senseless to the extent they dont know what their body worth, if our ladies know the worth of their body not even a man with all the wealth on earth can step on them b/f marriage but,due to their ungratefulness and myopic ways of reasoning they cheaply sale their body b/c they are money mongers.

While we guys are so stupid to the extent we can do anything inhuman as far as that will make us to get the type of lady we want on our bed,some of this ladies dont know what a man is,some of them are innocent but our insensitive behaviour will lead us to destroy them at their early age that is why some ladies can’t stay a month without a man and that the reason beyond some peoples LIKE ME refusal to marry a lady who is a graduate.

The bad news in this atrocities is that,most of this gang starts and gang leaders came out from a responsible families and background.I mate with a lady in school but due to her mood of dressing I was no longer comfortable with her round me so,i seat her down as my very good companion as she is,what this lady told me about herself was unbelievable to me why b/c,she told me about her family and how discipline their family is since I was having some doubt she still storm me into another doubt telling me she was a teacher who teach religion moralities I was just confused then,she showed me her pictures and that of her family for me to testify weather she’s lying to me or not but,honestly she was not lying nor joking.

From there,I now know why some of us go to school and turned to nuisance,rascals and engaged in leaving horrific and wastefull life which has no positive reward than mischievous ending.

Some of our parents are the cause of all this atrocities,some children grow up in a luxurious and indiscipline ways,their parents hardly pay visit to their childrens in school to see how their children are fairing or the kind of friends they keep.our parents need to regularly pay their children a surprise visit in school.

My fellow students I know most of you will hate this post but we most remember that,in speaking the truth we dont need to speak it in fear or favour of anybody but for the sake of God almighty.I know is not easy to stop but we must try an amend our ways of leaving,we should stop mingling with unproductive friends, friends that won’t lead us to the ways of success.

May God almighty continue to provide for us,may he control our heart to leave a good and well standard life worth positively emulating.

God bless our students who are leaders of tomorrow and bless us all.

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