IMG_9020-0.JPGIn this age of the Digital Nigerian youths must be continously empowered with productivity tools for creativity and employability.

Am not sure if its just me, but I think the parameters through which a youth could efficiently function (not just in Nigeria, but the world over) has changed considerably.

whoever it’s part of my effort to see the Nigerian youth join digital world I use my little experience to anchor new system let join hands and make it together for our better future.

Comment with any single words you may thing will help my effort to anchor digital life to Nigerian youth.

This Assignment is not for northans only no for all Nigerian youth let put political differences or party apliecians aside the epileptic seizure we are facing is not only north is all Nigeria.

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  1. This is a very good innitiative keep it. My brother if we can young and smart Nigerians like with foresight and dedication to one self for the development of our dear contry am very optimistc we can change for the beter. Am very proud of you.


  2. This is awesome Mal Babagida as i went through your writeup feel much ok and i urge my fellow youth to astain from political, religous and tribal differences. Let us unite ourselves and bring back peace to our great country i.e Nigeria. I pray to Allah swt to shower peace and blessing our belove country. @Mr B may Allah see you through in all your doing!


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