AYAIF is the acronym of the Arewa Youth Awareness Initiative Forum. It has been established to serve as a medium through which issues affecting the North in particular and Nigeria in general are maturely discussed.

No one would deny the fact that today the Northern part of Nigeria is in dire straits and facing serious problems ranging from economic underdevelopment to educational collapse.

These problems have been allowed to fester with no clear solution, or attempts at proffering enduring solutions, at sight. The disadvantaged group is always the younger generation which has not had the chance to enjoy the past glories of this nation, and is at present stuck in the rut with a future that is no any happier.

The democratic structures put in place to redress anomalies have all synthesized into one, cooperative whole leaving the citizens to flounder in their problems. the civil society who has everything to lose and nothing to gain ,hence, should come together and assist itself.

The establishment of a forum like this would, thus, serve as a means of coming together to discuss the issues before us, plan ahead and even proclaim our viewpoints through the organs of the media. Kipling is right to maintain that the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack, so the unity of the youth under these circumstances that call for self-awareness is absolutely necessary to combat the problems affecting us.

Therefore, AYAIF would be focused on discussing issues that range from electoral activities, budget monitoring and implementation, youth empowerment,poverty alleviation a medium debate, information sharing and networking for all youth across Nigeria particulaly those from the northa. How ever its important to note that this is not a political, or profit organisation or govermental organisation/assocition.

It is an assocition of like minds who are passionate about their own and try to shape a future that seem bleak, please fill free to offer suggestion, feedback and contribute to the Awareness of The Arewa youth and the Nigeria Youth In General

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