Over 10,000 members of the Civilian JTF today converged at the Shehu’s Palace in Maiduguri and vowed to go after Boko Haram whereever they may be. The gathering was unprecedented in the history of the state. It would be recalled that the youth vigilantee group known as Civilian-JTF, which President Goodluck Jonathan named the “New National Heroes” came into existence more than a year ago to assist the military in rooting out Boko Haram ramnants from Maiduguri the Borno State capital. Within three months of their emergence; armed with sticks, bows and arrows, machetes and charms, they were able to singlehandedly capture hundreds of Boko Haram militants and handed them over to the military.

The massive onslaught on the militants had forced Boko Haram fighters out of Maiduguri to the villages where they regrouped and are now causing havoc resulting in the death of thousands of people. On today’s gathering It was gathered from one of the vigilante youths that by estimation over 200,000 youths in Maiduguri have vowed to partake in the operation to safeguard Maiduguri and environs and possibly go after the terrorists and reclaim the towns they have captured. They said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” 

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