Mal. Babangida Ruma will participate in CYC 2015 Award.

Do you know of a young person making a positive difference to the lives of other people in your community or country ? The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) is inviting nominations for the 2015 Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work.

We are looking for young people whose development work reflects the Commonwealth’s Plan for Youth Empowerment to:
1. Promote youth participation in decision making
2. Promote the economic empowerment of young people
3. Take action for equality between young men and women
4. Promote peaceful and democratic environments in which human rights flourish
5. Provide quality education for all
6. Improve access to information and communication technology
7. Promote health, development and values through sports and culture
8. Engage young people to protect the environment

Criteria for nomination:

The nominee must have been engaged in development work for more than 12 months, either in a professional or voluntary capacity The development work must be ongoing and taking place in a Commonwealth Country.

The nominee should not be older than 29 on 31 December 2015. Individuals cannot nominate themselves in a personal capacity Nominees should give permission for their names to be put forward

The winners must agree to take part in publicity generated by the Commonwealth.


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