AYAIF Honored Volunteers In Jigawa State

The public is being invited to attend a ceremony that AYAIFoundation Jigawa State Coordinator Comrade Uthman Baita Elleman organise to honor some people who has done more for the homeless in our community.

The awards are presented annually by Arewa Youth Awareness Initiative Forum Lower Chamber Jigawa State (AYAIFJ) recognise an individual volunteer, group or voluntary Person who has contributed significantly to community. Below are the list of recipients.

1. Pharm. Hashim Ubale Yusuf.
2. Dan Malikin Gumel.
3. Ambassador Ahmed Abdulhamid MMR.
4. Alh. Aminu Ibrahim Ringim.
5. Alh. Sabo Muhammad Nakudu.
6. Alh. Umar Danjani (matasa)
7. Alh. Misbahu Rabiu (matasa)
10. ALH. Abdul A. Dauda

IMG_9687.JPG Founder of AYIFoundation Mal. Babangida Ruma says “The awards are our chance to recognize the work of those volunteers who give many hundreds of hours to the community every day.

Ruma also says “Volunteers are playing an increasingly important role in ensuring a large variety of services are maintained in Jigawa state They are the backbone of our society and so many organisations would fail if it was not for the dedication and commitment of their volunteers.

Friends and family of the recipients will attend the ceremony and members of the public are also welcome to be part of this special event.

For more information:
Elleman Uthman
Jigawa State Coordinator

Signed: Mal. Babangida Ruma Founder/chairperson Arewa Youth Awareness initiative Forum (AYAIF)
Twitter handle@babangidaruma

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