AYAIF Founder Mal. Babangida Ruma

Mallam Babangida Ruma A Responsible, knowledgeable, a career focused gentleman Social Scientist Democratic Evangelist Political Commentator Advocate of true federalism and nationalities A passionate believer of Justice, Equity, Liberty and common good also President/Chairperson, Arewa Youth awareness Initiative Forum (AYAIF) which He founded on the idea to build a strong and Empowered feminist Institution with critical consciousness And capacity for Analysis of social and gender prejudices and also promote peace and stability, unity and development in the Northan region.

The aims & objectives can only be achieve with understanding and due respect to one another irrespective of section, race, tribe, and belief.

IMG_9786-1.PNGRuma is also volunteer campaigns fellow for the Youth rights in Northan Nigeria also Active Member of Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC)

He’s also a youth empowerment advocate and years of participation in youth empowerment and development advocacy which has enabled and expanded He’s network of friends across nations in Africa and beyond. He travelled far and wide even he’s own expenses to attend youth focused programs with the aim of equipping he’s self well for leadership and betterment of the society.

Mal. Babangida Ruma is A volunteer Member Northan Youth Advocacy for Excellence (NYAE) An founder, AYAIFoundation, a Nationalist, advocate of true and federalism a Community Servant, member of many social progressive formations across Nigeria i,e Northan Youth Advocacy for Excellence (NYAE), Borno Women Development Initiatives (BWDI) Daura Emirate youth Political Movement (DEYPM), Yandoma & Madara Foundation (YDF) a member Progress Development Initiative Katsina State (PD&I), a member of so many other social networks and development initiative organization.

He’s objectives is to work hard and contribute to the development of the less privileged through effective participation and intervention in organizations that share such visions and missions, to produce results in any challenging situation that come he’s way with the hope of providing information on youth Initiative, Policy Process, Dialogues , Diplomacy or any social issue by use of relevant and available data , participate in Institutional reform and capacity building for sustainability, growth and ownership, through transparent proceedings.

Ruma is very active on the social media, with his commentary blog “Babangida’s Ruma” under the twitter handle @babangidaruma and he writes sporadic about Nigerian politics and economy. He’s also a political analyst who is passionate about global politics, Nigerian politics, gender and youth empowerment issues. He’s opinion articles frequently appear on Africa Press and Social media.

Mal. Babangida Ruma is also a potential asset and a sound product, always passionate about his studies and Mach concern about youth problem and that what make him Royal model in society. determined to succeed, achieve, and deliver, ready for any challenging Position, student of Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Ruma is also have a good knowledge of geographical terrain, religion, culture, norms and values of all nocks and crannies of Northern States in Nigeria and its environs, cultural interplay in Nigeria as a whole, with vast knowledge of Islamic and cultural perspective of for Public Practice that could be a rich opportunity for conducting Advocacy activities in Northern Nigeria, with sound experience in implementing policy advocacy strategies and activities in Nigeria, understanding of policy environment, including barriers that limit increased his knowledge inter governmental relationship between ties of governments in the Federal system,

The expertise stated above, good communication, inter personal communication skills, use of data as feedback mechanism, and ability to mobilize Civil Societies, drive Advocacy activities to support projection of Policy making with governance levels, communities/resources for action on any community based Vision and Mission, excellent relationship with subordinate / highrachies of policy making and other personalities especially across Northern part of Nigeria, North west in particular and Nigeria as a whole, with special and exceptional potentials, diverse experiences on managing and attaining to programmatic issues among other proving records of managing programmes and field responsibilities, leadership qualities, foresight, focus ,integrity, hard work, commitment, dedication to any responsibility, fluency of two International Languages of English and Arabic, understanding conflict Management, to mention the few are qualities that proved my prudence and readiness for any challenging task where ever in Nigeria, Africa and world at large.

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