AYAIFoundation Join the Campaign #Bringbackourgirls

219 days. I my self and entire people of #AYAIFoundation we join the Campaign #Bringbackourgirls now.

IMG_0108.JPGI wish to inform Nigerian people that we are ready to sacrifice our blood / life’s to help for this struggle Brink back our girls In the Northan Nigeria Who will thank the world for us, if not we that are at the center of it, they saw our plight and shared our pains. If only we in the troubled region (North) had the same courage to voice out our condition, God knows, we may have stopped the Massacre in Bama, Buni Yadi, Abductions, the bombings in Nyanya, etc. comes it is people outside that feel the pains more than we the victims? What message are we passing across? Even when the world sympathized with us openly and gave us the moral support by teaching us on the need to summon the courage and cry out collectively, we are still looking like cowards.

Can’t we now come out to consolidate the bringbackourgirls campaign by staging a regional protest as means of saying we appreciate the global concern? Haba AREWA! This is the moment, let us face our fear and denounce terrorism within and outside the region.

Let us tell the Government they have failed us, let us stand together and end this carnage. Come out and be part of this protest, let us mourn, let us cry and call for serious action. Let us tell the Government that OurSecurity, OurRight, OurLives, OurRight. Finally I pray to almighty Allah to continue Protect and guid us from his infinite Mercy Ameen ya Allah

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