My Local Government Batsari Katsina State

Batsari dai local government tamu ce Ka sanni Na sanka. Idan tayi kyau dukkanmu zamuji dadi A batsari nake zama duk inda naje nadawo nan nayo. Dani da kai bamu da inda yafi nan Alhamdullah.

Sabon Chairman da Committee nasa ina masa murna Allah ubangiji ya taimaka. Kuma mubasa support nuna difference Na party yana kawo rashin ci gaba. Eg kace Ni bazanwa sabon chairman biyayya bah Don ba party na yake bah. Aa duniya ta cigaba I normally focus on global Politics that is how they do eg. USA. UAE, CHINA, ASIA etc.

I don’t intend to engage my self in Batsari politics NO is an Online conversation about Next general election. And calling our youth, Leaders to know there position.

I am particularly worried with the level of despair among the youth in Batsari. we are all playing with our future if we cannot create conducive avenues for the youths to positively deploy their creativity, passion, and energies. Parents are struggling to raise their children, with no apparent support from those in charge of our resources, and the community and the state offer no help to ensure the youths are provided for.

Thousands of youth roam about with no hope. Those who are educated are left to wander about with excellent academic degrees with no hope of jobs. Those who have skills for trades and crafts cannot convert their skills to asset. They are left unattended to. The bricklayers, the mechanics, the vulganizers, the battery chargers, the electricians, the painters, the tailors, the hair dressers etc are not able to use their skills to defend their integrity. The situation is so bad that many people have abandoned the trades they spent several years to learn. Okada and Keke Napep provide these people daily source of income even if it means abandoning their original trades and crafts. Some are being given letters for jobs that do not exist.

They deserve a decent home. They deserve a decent environment. They deserve respect.We seem to have forgotten that we are not better than them.

I have asked myself a lot of questions. Along with many concerned Batsari Youth Like My guy Madansiru Nasiru (BAKANIKE), we have been seeking answers. Why are we losing our values of dignity, hard work, selflessness,self-belief, and pride ? Why are we allowing ourselves to be humiliated just so that we can have crumbs from our commonwealth ? Why are we not saying no to leaders who are far too removed from us. who cannot feel our pains. who do not share our concerns ? Why are the community leaders not rising up to our defense ? Why does it appear that we all can be bought for peanuts ?

You do not have to be poor to feel the pains of the common man. You only need to have the fear of God. You only need to have humility. You only need to have humanity. You must be capable of listening so that you can hear when people are crying. You must be paying attention so that you can see when the youths are losing focus and are making the wrong choices in life. You do not have to be a councillor, chairman, honourable member, or governor to know this is not the way to go. You cannot see yourself as superior to the people you seek to lead.You cannot believe you are better than the man who has not been given a chance.When you do these, then you can no longer claim to see hunger and anger in the faces of the people. You cannot claim to still hear when they cry. No matter what position you occupy in your community, in your place of work, or in government, you have lost the right to lead the people.

You must begin to ask yourself the hard questions: when these youths are left to rot and their values are debased, what happens to your so-called privileged children ? What society are they going to live in ? How are you going to face your God when this vanity comes to an end ?

This is not a political campaign. Far from it. This is a wake up call. I am directing this to all Batsari Youth, wherever we may be, whatever positions we may occupy, whatever political parties we may belong. I am directing my cries to the traditional rulers all over Batsari Local Government . I am calling on community leaders and religious leaders. We must fight back. We cannot fight the hunger of the stomach when the poverty of our minds is getting stronger. So, we must fight and defeat the poverty of our minds.

So, how did we allow our values to be trampled upon so that some few people who are not better than us can become local champions, riding the cars they did not work for and living in houses they do not deserve, while the majority who are equal stakeholders in Batsari are expected to scavenge to survive ?

It is time for us to reclaim our pride. I therefore call on all Batsari youth to come together to put a stop to this charade. I call especially on Youth with mind of dis touch like me to put ambitions under wrap while we strengthen our community. We must be single-minded. We must put the interests of the people before our individual ambitions.

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