Nigeria Needs Peace To Realise Potential – Gowon

An elder statesman and former head of state, General Yakubu Gowon, has said that Nigeria is blessed and needs peace to fully realise its potential.

IMG_0310.JPGHe added that there is no basis for strife and crisis between Christians and Muslims in the country.

Gen. Gowon stated this yesterday during his visit to the Region 8 Headquarters of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Jos, Plateau State to sensitise the members on ‘Nigeria Prays’. He charged Nigerians not to write off the country but pray towards addressing the problems confronting Nigeria as a nation.

He said, “Nigeria is a blessed country loved by God; the hand of God is on this nation; that is why we are able to overcome the myriad of crises that bedevilled this nation in the past. Every Nigerian, therefore, needs to pray; if there is peace among the Christians and Muslims and peace among family members, Nigeria will definitely be a great country all of us will be proud of. It is necessary for every Nigerian to embrace peace.

“In the western part of this country, there is an understanding between Christians and Muslims; they are able to live together in peace and harmony; this is what I want other Nigerians to emulate, so that we can achieve peace across the land. We should also have respect for the traditional religion so that we can have peace to develop the country”.

He charged the church to give the youths the opportunity to grow in wisdom and character, being the future of the country, and urged the elders to guide and train them in the fear of the Lord, adding that they need special attention, guidance and prayers to be useful to the country.

He commended the leadership of the Redeemed Christian Church of God for always supporting ‘Nigeria Prays’, stressing that the leadership of the church all over the world always support the ministry whenever the need arises.

peace and stability of the nation.

He added that the unity of the country is paramount to him, saying God has been sustaining Nigeria in all fronts and helping it overcome most of the incidents that would have spelt doom for the country.

He urged Nigerians to intensify prayers and hold on to the promise of God concerning Nigeria.

“Through the prayers of the saints, many calamities are being averted; we can see the positive effect of prayers in this country. It was the prayers of the saint that averted the spread of calamity such Ebola in this country. Nigerians, therefore, need to thank and appreciate God.

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