AYAIFoundation Appoint Women Leader

Who is Fatima Askira ?

A new AYAIFoundation Women Leader.

Fatima Askira who has done more for the homeless in our community than any other local group We are very proud of your record. Askira become one of the girls from north who have mind of dis-touch to bring eloquent change in society she founded Borno Women Development Initiative (BOWDI) which is non-profit Girls/Women organization with a passion to nurture various categories of women under 35years of age into developed Women, which will impact positively to our societies and economy in the near future. BOWDI is a developing organization planned for the production of sustainable women communities that requires maximum support base to enable her impact positively on the lives of girls/women, especially in the North Nigeria, specifically Borno State.

Her mission & vision is to transform girls/women precisely those in Borno State, to produce a poverty free environment by educating and empowering our Girls/Women, extend helping hands to other women faced with similar problems across the region and nation at large. Vision is developed and prosperous communities of resourceful, independent, and women with good vision and services.

Fatima Askira once’s told me I created this organization on the perspective of building healthy society of strong and focused women, with the conscience of a developed and sustainable community for a better living, by providing long-term workable solutions to backwardness in our communities, also provide our girls/women with the opportunity to being independent. This can further reduce gender inequality and alleviating poverty within our territories.

Furthermore Askira Completely registered her organization on 2nd oct- 2014 Borno Women Development Initiative (BOWDI) now become one of the diverse lead organization between two state from north Borno-Kano State.

“What make AYAIFondation deiced to Appoint her As women leader”

1.In a society like us where the youth walk away from NGO but Askira contributed a lot to change the community’s.

2.We only know her as Aysha Askira But how many of you know’s that she has a hobby of raising turtles.

3. She is young girl between age of 20-25 but work like person that have 100 years experience.

4. She respect elders/leaders. Askira can not do anything regarding to NGO without seeking my advice witch now her Organization become one of the largest NGO from North. Facebook page will not be enough for me to mention who is Aisha Askira.

Best on that me and my management team we decided to appoint Mrs Askira as Women leader which I believe best on what we mention above she deserve.

Mal. Babangida Ruma
Social Scientist.
Chairperson, Arewa Youth Awareness Initiative Forum ( Initiative For Collective Development )

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