WE are already witnessing an undeclared War against the constitution the binding force of our unity.

The constitution is the treaty and covenant that binds together in the country called Nigeria the north and south, Muslims and Christians the Hausa/Fulani, Yoruba and the Igbos, the main contentious belligerent blocks to live in peace based on charters that cater for peaceful coexistence.

In this treaty, any party that wants to secede, has to get the approval of 2/3 of Nigerians in the senate, fed house of reps and the states house of reps. Any short cut to this process is a breach of this treaty.

Any forceful take over of government is a breach of this treaty. If in the past people succumbed, today people will fight back. The armed forces itself will break up – we can see Syria as an example.

It remains only one option that is constitutional, if people want power A free and fair Elections.

If anybody or any group of Nigerians will use force or coercion or dubious manipulations and threats to stick to power or wrangle it, that is a clear breach of the constitution and a declaration of War against the peace loving people of this nation. There is no other option but to fight them until they are subdued.

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