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When any analytical mind sums
up all the troubles we have in this dear Nation, whereby nobody is safe, it will come up with the conclusion that the citizens don’t have confidence in their leaders.

Most people believe -even if it may not necessarily be true- that their leaders corrupted their way up to the seat of power.

That they rigged elections and manipulated the results. this is the first misstep to forming a dignified government that can be respected. The main reason why most people are skeptical about the elections is because of the lack of transparency in the whole process. this deplorable state has to end And Immediately Or else we will all be victims of this vicious violence that is gradually becoming norm of the nation.

In an effort to see that the next general elections are not only free and fair, but transparent so that people trust their elected leaders and have confidence in them which is healthy for all, some concerned Nigerians in USA have developed for us an internet based system that will bring to end all speculations about elections results from the polling station units which are going to be about 150000 in number throughout the country.

This system is simple It involves volunteers, representatives to be registered with an internet program whom will in turn send the elections results directly to the internet and it will be viewed online by the world.

Many countries have already stated applying the system officially.

However in Nigeria, it should be noted that such a result will not be the official INEC result, but it will reflect the real results that
should be posted in each polling station for the pubic as required by the electoral law.

To achieve this goal, we the citizen of this nation will need to come together and free ourselves from election malpractices that erode the dignity and confidence of governance. the masses have to contribute through their associations, mosques, churches etc to make ii possible. Such volunteers should never be politicians, as the whole process is not to aid any political party against another. It’s for the citizen to have leaders they love and respect. this way we will have leaders that will be obeyed conscientiously .

No contribution is needed from any politician or people polluted with religious or ethnic bigotry. money is only needed to install and subscribe for Internet connections. chiefly solar powered satellite Internet connections.

Your suggestions, contributions and volunteering are highly needed.

May God bring peace to our
Nation. Ameen

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