The politicians and the court of public opinion

Politics in the third world country is full of risks both physical, reputational and moral. It is generally believe by the court of public opinions that we are liars. Deceivers,fraudulent.

This believe can hardly be ignored as evidenced by many factors. First and foremost is the issue of kinds of politics we play, the electorate level of awareness and the constitutional responsibilities of each arm of government. this my piece will certainly provoke many opinions, but let us be guided by conscience and our faith in making any contribution.

In 1999 ,when the fouth republic was ushered in, many believed that there is certainly going to be achange of attitude by our politicians because of long expereice of military take over of government. At the same vein we desired that the democracy will be played according to the rules of the game.our constitution has put a mechanism of making the constitution and the democracy to work.
It,s provide that supremercy belongs to the people on whose behalf the arms of government were working for. Secondly the right to self determination has been granted under the constitution.

The constituion has provided for the qualification and kind of people to be elected by the people. The recall of elected representative of the people has also been put in place. The impeachment process is also part of our democracy.the question is what is wrong that we cannot get to the distance we want to go ?.

As i said earlier the piece will provoke different opinions but let our contribution, decent, modest, moraland objectives, it is only empty head with no ideas that resort to insult.

A third world politician is black man whose uses his brain only for negative thinking on how to accumulate wealth. A third world electorate , thus humble and honest, however, he will alwas desire some body that can assits him at the time of need.

The dividing line between the attainment of good governance and flourishing is poverty the third world politician turned this misfortune of the people as a fortune for their campaign promises.there fore, this give room for the politician not only to make false promises but also use religion in unGodly way. Religion being the option of the masses is the most easy way of deceiving people because of their strong conviction that a faith full man shall not use the name of God to consciously to deceived people.

As a polician i most admit that most of us areguilty of these. How ever, in a society like ours we have along tradition of knowing our neighbours, relations andwell wishes. In any village you go you find that the court of opinion has a record of the good and bad people.The law therefore,intervene that, the electorate shall open their eyes wide enough to choose among the people merited by the court of public opinion.

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