Free to travel with a free flight ticket to an important international Conference in Tirana, Albania, from December 7th to 11th, 2014 ?

The Commonwealth Secretariat and Commonwealth Youth Council are recommending young leaders.

If you want your country to be represented or know anyone in the following countries, please inbox your contacts today or email to: m.leone@commonwealth.int

URGENT: Deadline is Tuesday, 18th November 2014.
1. Lesotho
2. Malawi
3. Rwanda
4. Seychelles
5. Swaziland
6. Tanzania
7. Maldives
8. Sri Lanka
9. Antigua and Barbados
10. Bahamas
11. Belize
12. Dominica
13. Grenada
14. Guyana
15. Saint Lucia
16. St Kits
17. St Vincent
18. Cyprus
19. Malta
20. United Kingdom
21. Australia
22. Kiribati
23. Nauru
24. Papua Guinea
25. Samoa
26. Solomon Islands
27. Tonga
28. Tuvalu
29. Vanuatu
Other Commonwealth countries can still apply….

Commonwealth Youth Council, All rights reserved.

As part of the commitment of the CYC executives to update members and stakeholders on the work of the CYC, the CYC newsletter was introduced to replace the usual message from the CYC Chairperson. This is the first edition of the CYC newsletter.

Our mailing address is:
Commonwealth Youth Council
Pall Mall, London
London, London SW1Y 5HX
United Kingdom

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