Birthday message to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (Turakin Adamawa)

First I most convey my heartfelt joy over your clocking another year in life. I wish you several more years of service to this nation and humanity in general.

The Turaki that I know has alway been a very good and passionate person, a man who stands by whatever he says, just like a typical Fulani man who never says what he means not, shy but then very resilient, tough and very ruggedly built.

The biography of nigeria can never be complete without pages or chapters dedicated to you and your role in our search for greater nationhood.

I recall how you have to jump fences to escape the military dictatorship of the Abacha era, because you spoke in Defence of democracy and against anti democratic forces of the then era, and how you joined us the masses of Nigeria to bring the Obasanjo live presidency to its dead end.

I recall how we had to stand up to armored tanks at the Abuja airport to receive you after Obasanjo single handedly declared your seat as Vice President vacant for crossing to the then AC.

We challenged him to it and you got victory, you went to court 16 times and in all you got victory, you fought for the opening up of the political space which everyone savors today without knowing that it didn’t come easy nor cheap.

Turaki sir, today by the grace of God you are the highest private employer of labour in our land with over 50,000 employees and still counting.

You are one of the most talked about politicians in Nigeria today.

All these in spite of coming from an obscure background.

Today our dear nation is faced with the greatest challenge ever to its existence, insecurity, militancy lawlessness and corruption.

I call on you as a successful politician, a business man and most importantly as an elder statesman on your birthday to immediately summon a meeting of everyone, across parties and religions and with passion for the nation to thrash out the challenges bedeviling this great Nation. If this is achieved I believe it will count Among your greatest payback to this Nation.
Happy birthday to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Turakin Adamawa and former Vice President of the federal of Nigeria.

Yahaya Mohd Usman
Publisher NIGERWATCH Newspaper,

Mal. Babangida Ruma
President AYAIFoundation,


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