The justice in every democracy is to hold primary elections for the nomination of party’s flag bearers for the various elective positions in the country, anything short of that is something else. Though a party may evolve a system that may suit its situation, most of the time the parties use what is called consensus. Consensus is a process which normally produces an aspirant through an arrangement by the contestants involved to agree by themselves on one person to be the flag bearer of the party. We must put in mind that consensus is not justice of a democracy but is still a form of democracy in a way. But in a situation where players of consensus are outside the contestants then the injustice will even be more and the effect will be more damaging than a solution.

In Kano last week Sunday the Governor called all contestants for the various elective positions with ‘yan biyar of every local govt to the govt house, right there he ordered all candidates should be produced by their normal process of kwankwasiyya arrangement, where some group of people called ‘yan biyar and caucus will decide the fate of any local govt not minding the other merging parties involved in the merger.

The question is could that be democratic justice or any other form of justice? I don’t think so.

Apart from that another issue of automatic tickets of all those incumbents representatives of both states and federal no matter how docile and bad that representative is, he has an automatic ticket to return to his position unopposed so in those areas there is not even the consensus issue. I don’t know how just could that be? But the irony is the Governor is contesting for the high seat and he is insisting that primary election must hold at the top but must not hold below, is this not case of INJUSTICE LOOKING FOR JUSTICE ?

Babangida Ruma
Social Scientist

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