I just got a call from IG WALA telling me that the rumours about the postponement of election is real and there might be a pronouncement by the President as early tomorrow to that effect.

There is Council of State meeting tomorrow (Thursday) and even though GMB will be present, he (and Obasanjo) alone cannot change anything as most members of the Council of State are in full support of the postponement. If we allow them have their way tomorrow, you can be rest assured that the election will be postponed and there is nothing we or INEC can do (please read the constitution about the Power of the President).

There is need for us to urgently mobilize ourselves for a massive protest in Abuja tomorrow morning. We need to tell the whole world that ELECTION MUST HOLD IN 14TH FEBRUARY 2015.

We are already working on getting Aljazeera and BBC to come and cover the protest tomorrow morning for the international community to know what we are doing.

If you are in Abuja, please call IG WALA on 08036426789. Or my phone no, 07064643464

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