Thank you so much for all your birthday Wishes it came in so many different forms. text messages, prayers, calls, gifts, I received it. For that I am grateful to everyone but most especially, to the Almighty Allah. Who give the greatest gift of life.

I feel so honored to have friends like you who remembered my most special day. You made my birthday more special and memorable.

My dear friends we are at crossroads again. We should all aim and plan to meet at the crossroads, and collectively, holding hands, decide the direction in which we want to proceed to build a great nation, with the right values and moral standing. In 2015 elections there is big choice to us, the clearance choice which I honestly believe is the biggest choice of any time of our generation because is not just between two candidates or two political parties its choice of two different path format two fundamentally different visions for how we move forward If we want to truly develop Nigeria we must put aside tribal and religious sentiments and vote for good leaders. Nigeria we can not turn back we have so many work to be done at this moment in this elections we must plage one small to Mage Into the future. But remember you can not bring change without PVC.

Our voters’ card is our power to make the right choice for true Leadership. Let’s get on track, let’s take our marks and get a voters’ card.

Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real Safeguard of Democracy, therefore is elections. Thank you

God Bless Nigerian Youth.
God Bless Federal Republic Of Nigeria.



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