A leading figure of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Nigeria has vowed to deliver on promises made to Nigerians in the diaspora during the election campaign.

Mallam Babangida Ruma who acknowledged the role Nigerians in the UK played in the election, said the party would work to ensure that all Nigerians are made to benefit from the positive change being rolled out by the party, following the landslide win of General Muhammadu Buhari.

The President-elect who was tipped with an early lead in the postponed Feb 14 elections received over 2.5 million votes above his opposition from the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan on April 1.

Reports argue that results of this election showed for the first time the true voting intention of the Nigerian people and many state that those in the international community had played a huge part and they should take pride in campaigning for the implementation of card readers in this election. 

APC UK led by Ade Omole spearheaded several petitions that helped to inform members in the diaspora and pressurised leaders in the international community to reiterate to the Nigerian government, the importance of holding credible elections.

In an interview with APC UK, Mallam Ruma explained that the “APC is a party for Diasporans. Our party will work with diasporans collectively to make their life very essay.”

A member of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Organisation (APCO) media team, Mallam Ruma revealed that he was “excited and elated that Buhari was elected as President”

He said: “It’s only came about because of the hard working people, including those in the Diaspora who refused to be discouraged despite the elections postponement.” 

The postponement led to many Nigerians in the UK taking to the street to declare their dissatisfaction on Feb 14. At the protest, Otunba Abode Oseni warned that the election must not be pushed again.

Following the protest, several international leaders also came out signaling support for APC UK’s call for a fair and credible election.

Alhaji Musa Tumsah praised those efforts. The APC stalwart sent a message to APC UK saying “you guys were wonderful.”

“Thank you for all your great work. It is a victory for all of us and I pray for God’s guidance,” Ibrahim Dauda, the director of the Buhari Support Organisation (BSO) added.

Adenike Lucas
Press Secretary
APC – UK Chapter.

APC – United Kingdom
Email – 

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