Babangida Ruma

Babangida Ruma

Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University (UMYU), formerly Katsina State University was established by the Katsina State Government out of the desire to improve access to higher education for its citizenry. The work was initiated by the then executive Governor of Katsina State and later the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’adua before his death. The Katsina State House of Assembly passed the law establishing the Katsina State University on 5 September 2006.

The University commenced academic activities in January 2007 with three faculties (Education, Humanities & Natural and Applied Sciences), and 16 undergraduate programmes. The university will build upon existing academic strength, a total of 13 faculties, 76 departments and 236 academic programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate) at the end of its 25 year period of its academic phasing, which is divided into four years each. The Visitor of the University is Ibrahim Shema, the Chancellor is Justice Muhammad Lawal Uwais, former Chief Justice of Nigeria and current Vice Chancellor is professor Muhuta Ibrahim.

Umar Musa Yar’Adua University is ranked 65 in Nigeria according to National Universities Commission, the universities regulatory body in Nigeria.


The Department was established in April 2007, the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) is the local provider of ICT services at Umaru Musa Yar’adua University. The Directorate fully supports teaching and learning programs, administrative support systems, and the community of students, and staff at the University. The Directorate seeks to collaborate with academic Departments of the university to produce graduates who are knowledge workers, sufficiently equipped with ICT skills befitting the 21st century environment.


ICT Services provides many services for the University community. Some of those most commonly used are listed below.

• The ICT Directorate maintains the university campus wide area network, operational support and maintenance of network equipment and computing devices.
• Provide network support for voice and data services.
• Provide users support for web and mail services.
• Maintain university domain and website.
• Provides computer Hardware/Software support services.
• Provide training workshops for staff and students.
• Participate in program for the promotion of ICT awareness within the community.
• ID Card Production for staff and students.

The Directorate is committed to promoting knowledge and understanding of ICT among the university’s students and in the wider community and encourages critical thinking about the use of ICT and its importance for national development.


It was my parents that introduced it to me by a friend of my father who is working with them for almost 3 years now and I worked in an ICT department where I was initially taught various aspects of information and communication technology.

I worked at the help desk office where any student who has some problem partaining accessing his portal or identification card can come over and make his complain, then we are the ones who fixed it for him.
Every day I used to check some letter of complaint from different students in the university and if its beyond our power then take them to secretary’s for further scrutiny before giving further approval for fixing there problem.
In the process of the internship I learnt how to deals with project in the real working environment as I was invited to help with some review of it as well as proposing to the real project .Another experience I got was monitoring university website.


In the first place I had a difficulty with the new environment and then a typical working situation not as school, the pressure is high and the time is always against me especially when I was attainding to students complain, and I had to start any task as soon as it was assigned to me in order to beat the time with the help of my colleagues, I wandered how I was concentrating on everything I was doing.


The environment was very quiet and conducive for anyone to work in, the offices were well air conditioned and uninterrupted electricity was supplied to with a standby generator. Another interesting thing is the dispensers which are available around the office premises; the parking lot is close to the entrance and exit route.

It was like working in a big international company or Federal Ministry with the latest office equipment, the computers are very fast and brand new with the updated software and applications, and even the dress code makes some one feel like working in Federal Ministry. The staffs that I met there are very friendly and welcoming, they always give a helping hand whenever I need one without even requesting for it; they are there for offer help. Every one you see there has a smile on his face. So I had a good friendly relationship with them, at the end we exchanged contacts of one another.


It is related to my major which in so many ways, I learnt many working techniques because most of what I learnt in class is what I practised in office and see my colleagues working on. I learnt many things from working in an office and mutual relationship with other staffs.

It was like real life practice of what I was taught in school, like software project management, Database Design, the good thing about all these was that I experienced the working environment in a real life situation and the interesting thing is that the supervisor is always there to correct me and give suggestion or command me to do something which I know would help me more.

Finally I would like to conclude that even before I finished my studies I already knew and experienced how the labour market is and my future career is going to be in good shape if I follow the academic aspect of my school life, moreover my academic knowledge was so sufficient for me to learn many things in the internship the only thing I lacked was working with other people in a beaucratic environment.

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