We finally choice AYAIFoundation to serve as Almajiri’s Foundation. Since “Almajiri “ issues is part of our no, 2 Agenda as we mention in our Aims & Objectives


2- Promoting unity among peoples and visiting of hospitals, prisons, (Almajiri’s tsangaya) and home of less privileged, and to organized lectures in order to Enlighten them on how to tackle or manage their various problems.

AYAIFoundation to use the name will honor the Arewa Community who belief that community Development was the cornerstone for sustainable development.

You do not have to be poor to feel the pains of the common man. You only need to have the fear of God. You only need to have humility. You only need to have humanity. You must be capable of listening so that you can hear when people are crying. You must be paying attention so that you can see when the youths are losing focus and are making the wrong choices in life. You do not have to be a councillor, chairman, honourable member, or governor to know this is not the way to go.

You must begin to ask yourself the hard questions when these ALMAJIRI’S are left to rot and their values are debased, what happens to your so-called privileged children ? What society are they going to live in ? How are you going to face your God when this vanity comes to an end ?

Please fill free to offer suggestion, feedback and contribute to the Awareness of The Arewa youth and the Nigeria Youth In General.

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