Muhammadu Buhari sworn in as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

We have called for change and change has come. But to be ready FOR change we must be ready TO change and change others.

Ask yourself: What have you done today and intended to do tomorrow to/for change?
GMB cannot do it ALONE. Change is our collective responsibility. Start changing NOW and encourage others to do the same please.
Start being orderly and disciplined TODAY! E.g. Join queues, obey traffic instructions, discourage what is bad, encourage what is good..
Make it easy for GMB, the determined old man, to bring about positive change in our lives. 

President Buhari, as a Nigerian Youth with a hope for change, I am very confident that under the new Administration and your type of leadership style, our country Nigeria will aspire to be one of the most cherished nations in the entire African continent and in the whole world. 
May Almighty Allah who has blessed Nigeria, grant you those who serve with you wisdom, strength and compassion in the coming years, Amen

Babangida Ruma. 

Peace Ambassador for the Commonwealth Youth Council’s Youth Campaign Against Election Violence (Y-CAEV) in Nigeria 2015 elections.

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